Fendt has recently released it’s new hay and forage equipment, with the range including tedders, rakes and a choice of either drum or disc mowers.

The new machinery will join the Fendt Katona, a self-propelled forage harvester, and the Fendt Varioliner, a silage loader wagon, in the manufacturer’s forage harvesting equipment range.

Fendt Mowers

The AGCO brand has released both drum and disc mower options. The new drum mower is called the Fendt Cutter and has four drums working simultaneously.

To accommodate rough terrain the manufacturer has developed two options for the front mounted drum mower.

One version has oscillating linkage that pivots from side-to-side and works in-sync with the load-relief front linkage control on a Fendt tractor. Meanwhile, the other option is a mower mounted on the head-stock which has trailing linkage.

fendt, mower

Fendt Cutter Source: Fendt

Farmers or contractors also have the choice of two options for the rear mounted mowers.

There is a three-point linkage side-mounted mower which has spring relief for low pressure on the ground, or the three-point linkage centre-mounted mower which has a TurboLift system.

Fendt has also released some disc mowers in the new hay and forage equipment range called the Fendt Slicer.

The Slicer can be either front or rear mounted, and the manufacturer has included a flat cutter bar with standard specification spring relief which adapts quickly to the terrain.

Fendt claims that the single side-mounted disc mower with a spur wheel drive can be driven by a tractor as small as 50 horsepower. 

dent, mower

Fendt Slicer Butterfly option Source: Fendt

Fendt Tedders and Rakes

Fendt tedders, called Twisters, can be purchased mounted on the three-point linkage or with a with a transport chassis.

These tedders have a number of features including a patented traction compression system, integrated swing brake as well as the standard specification edge spreading device, according to Fendt.

The Fendt Twister claims to  be both compact and safe on the road while following the ground terrain in the field.

fendt, tedder

Fendt Twister Source: Fendt

Meanwhile, the Fendt Former, it’s new rake, comes in widths varying from 3.4m to 12.50m and come with up to four-rotors.

With the option of either side or central delivery the two-rotor rake machine gives the operator more options of where to place the sward, while the transition between delivery options takes a matter of seconds, Fendt has said.

All two-rotor rakes also have a have a transport chassis with the SteerGuard steering system which, the manufacturer claims, makes driving on the road and negotiating curves hassle free.

Two-rotor Fendt Former Source: Fendt

Two-rotor Fendt Former Source: Fendt

The new range of hay and forage equipment is available now from participating dealers.