Farmers could be needlessly spending thousands on higher levels of protein in cow rations, according to a dairy feed expert.

The pioneering nutritional approach to protein formulation within dairy diets will be presented by Wynnstay at this year’s UK Dairy Day, being held on September 12 at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire.

As part of the technical seminar line up, Iwan Vaughan, head of dairy technical services at the firm, will discuss the novel approach.

“AminoMatch offers an alternative way to supply protein purely in the form of crude protein, by accurately balancing rations to provide optimum levels of amino acids,” said Vaughan.


He said this new approach offers the potential to reduce the total protein fed and therefore the cost of the ration.

While it’s often the most expensive component in dairy diets, protein is essential for milk production. However, there’s a misconception that it needs to be provided entirely in the form of crude protein to be utilised by the cow.

“This often results in excessive levels of dietary crude protein within rations, which aside from increasing costs, can actually reduce performance, in particular, fertility,” he said.

Vaughan says amino acids are actually what the cow requires for milk production and this has led to the development of AminoMatch.

During the seminar, he will outline how silage analysis routinely conducted by Wynnstay has formed the foundations for the new approach, which ensures the correct amino acid levels are provided in the diet to complement home-grown forage and maximise feed efficiency.

“At a time where forage shortages and rising feed costs are a concern, there’s a requirement to maximise every available mouthful, and producers who have implemented this new approach have seen very good results,” concludes Vaughan.

The seminar will take place at 3:00pm in Zone 2 of the Sharing Knowledge Zone. The team of Wynnstay dairy specialists will also be available at stand L6 throughout the day.