The latest poll on the Brexit referendum shows that the Remain side has come back into contention and are now in neck-and-neck with the Leave side.

In three days time voters in the UK, of which some 500,000 are Irish born and are eligible to vote, go to the polls to decide whether the UK's future lies within the EU or outside of it.

The most recent poll comes from the Financial Times and it has put both the Remain side and the Leave side at 44%, leaving 12% of voters undecided.

Over the last week, the Leave side surged ahead, however, following the killing of MP Jo Cox last week, the Remain side has come back into contention.

Meanwhile, in the House of Commons last week, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that should the UK vote to leave the EU there will be new border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Cameron said that if the UK was to leave the EU, it will have a land border between Britain outside the EU and the Republic of Ireland inside the EU.

"Therefore, you can only have new border controls between the Republic and Northern Ireland or, which I would regret hugely, you would have to have some sort of checks on people as they left Belfast or other parts of Northern Ireland to come to the rest of the United Kingdom.

"We can avoid these risks. There are so many risks here: risks to our children’s jobs, risks to our economic future, risks to our borders, risks to the unity of the United Kingdom.

"I say avoid the risks and vote remain next Thursday."

Cameron said that if the UK votes to remain in the EU, they know what the situation is.

"We know that the common travel area works, we know it can continue and everyone can have confidence in that.

"We do not diminish ourselves inside a European Union; we enhance the power of Britain and the greatness of our country."