DeLaval reach 10,000 in Robotic Milking sales. The Voluntary Milking System (VMS) was recently sold to Glenirvine Farms in Ontario Canada.

Jonas Hällman, Director of Automatic Milking Systems for DeLaval International said in a statement that this achievement indicates the direction in which the industry is heading with “more on-farm automation and integrated dairy farm management technology.”

Founded in Sweden, DeLaval first sold their first generation VMS in 1998, which allows for round-the-clock milking with record-setting milk yields and top milk quality. The VMS also includes a touchscreen and upgrade possibilities.

The new owners of the 10,000th DeLaval VMS are Doug and Lynda Jefferson and Andrew and Amanda Den Haan, who have been milking their 50-cow herd with a double-4 DeLaval herringbone parlour for the last 40 years.