Room with a view: Tractor conversion opens up new possibilities

This intriguing picture depicts a Deutz-Fahr tractor that has undergone a major ‘surgical’ procedure; it has been modified to enable the cab to lift and rotate.

This modification, which has parallels with a Claas Xerion, is presumably designed for reverse-drive applications or, alternatively, for instances when the tractor might be coupled to a machine such as a wood chipper (with an on-board crane).

The picture is from AgriMacFan. In any case, it certainly is eye-catching; it’s indicative of the constant strive to innovate in the agricultural machinery industry.

The work was carried out by German company Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH. It is located in the Bavarian city of Vilshofen (on the Danube). It claims to be one of the European market leaders in special-purpose vehicle conversions.

Each year, this specialist firm carries out chassis conversions, axle modifications and frame extensions, as well as bespoke build configurations, on up to 1,000 commercial vehicles.

The company employs 170 people – split between product development, construction, sales and service. There are 15 staff in the development division alone. The wider Paul Group, which includes vehicle dealerships and service centres, employs 330 people.

In most cases, the company uses Mercedes-Benz truck chassis units; these form the basis for umpteen customised modifications. While many of the conversions are for utility-type or municipal applications (i.e. specialist fire engines or even military vehicles), the company also caters for farming applications.

Agro Mover 4X4

The ‘Agro Mover’ is a tailor-made vehicle – in Euro 6 configuration. It is targeted at specialist agricultural contractors.

Nutzfahrzeuge conversion

Nutzfahrzeuge conversion

Essentially a converted truck, the Agro Mover boasts a maximum speed of 80kph. Thanks to its adapted chassis, 3-point linkage and optional PTO, it can also tackle field work.

Nutzfahrzeuge conversion

While these pictures show a Mercedes-Benz 4X2 / 4X4 ‘base’ unit, the company also converts MAN and Iveco equivalents – with a similar end result.

Nutzfahrzeuge conversion

Key features include: a Scharmuller K80 ball-hitch coupling; additional (smaller) ball-hitch points for forced (active) steering systems; a height-adjustable tow coupling; an optional load-sensing hydraulic system with rear spool outlets and an in-cab joystick; ISOBUS technology; LED work lights; an air-suspended rear axle with adjustable height level; and more besides.

The company also offers an 8X8 ‘Agro Truck’. This four-axle, all-wheel-drive converted (rigid) lorry is essentially an “all-terrain hauler” – designed to negotiate roads and fields.