Rozmital, the Czech manufacturer of forage equipment, recently announced the launch of three new round baler models, which complete the company's range of grassland equipment.

The three machines comprise two fixed-chamber chain type machines and a lighter roller-based unit, which the company describes as being particularly suitable for haylage.

Chain or roller

The roller-based baler is the LB-V120 which produces bales with a diameter and width of 120cm and is fed with a pick-up unit of 1.8m. It has a minimum power requirement of 60hp.

Bales can be secured with either twine or with net. It comes with an ejection ramp, a mechanical indicator to inform the driver of progress, and a control panel.

LB R120 ropund baler
Rozmital LB R120 with standard pick-up

The two-chain based fixed chamber units machines are the LB-R120 and LB-R150.

As the name suggests, the LB-R120 will form bales of 120cm in diameter, while LB-R150 creates 150cm high bales. The bale width is the same - 120cm for both.

As with the roller model, the chain balers have a pick-up width of 1.8m and they also have a minimum power requirement of 60hp.

The control panel on the larger LB-R120 can be placed in the tractor cab to monitor and adjust the baler remotely. A two-metre pick-up is also optional for this larger model.

Rozmital branding

The balers are branded and distributed through the Rozmital dealer network but are manufactured by a third party, as spokesperson Lenka Janotova explained:

We were looking for a partner with high quality standards and the ability to prepare a product based on our requirements. This was successful and thanks to this we can offer our customers a quality and proven product with the features and benefits they are used to at Strojirny Rozmital."

Manufacturing for 118 years

Strojirny Rozmital hales from the Czech republic and was established in 1913.

The original product line included electric motors, air-delivery systems and steel furniture.

Rozmital mowers and tedders
Rozmital has been manufacturing farm machinery since 1946

In 1946 the production of farm machinery took precedence and, up until 1989, the company had a monopoly in the production of tedders and delivery rakes in the former Czechoslovakia.

It claims that despite current competition, Rozmital is still a market leader in these machines in the home market.

The Rozmital brand is already known in Ireland, but the company is seeking a new agent here for its mowers, tedders, rakes and new range of balers.