Joskin had plenty to shout about at last week’s SIMA show in Paris.

The company, which is probably best known here in Ireland for its slurry spreading equipment and high-specification trailers, launched a number of new products at the event.

First up was the latest Solodisc XXL. This is the firm’s newest injector; it is primarily targeted at operators dealing with large volumes of digestate from Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sites. The new line-up boasts working widths of up to 8.75m.

Joskin Joskin

Dotted across the biggest (8.7m working width) version, there are 22 disc units – each spaced at 18.75cm intervals. Automatic GPS section control, which is available as an option, can switch each individual unit off. Each pipe is pinched by a hydraulic ‘clamp’, to stop unwanted slurry from dribbling out.

A top-of-the-range Solodisc XXL was being quoted at prices in excess of €40,000 excluding VAT at the show. The injector will typically be coupled to one of Joskin’s high-capacity tankers – such as the Volumetra model on display at SIMA.

Reaching further: Long-stretch booms

Joskin also launched a new tanker boom system at SIMA, which is firmly aimed at the high-end contracting sector.

The new Dorsal Boom, as it’s known, is fitted to the front of the tanker. This follows Joskin’s approach with previous boom systems.

Joskin Joskin

The first section incorporates a double pivot-point. This, says the company, reduces the bend angle exerted on the flexible pipe (tube).

Beyond that, it can be specified with a cone filling attachment, a short arm with a submersible pipe (with a turbo-filler) or a longer arm and pipe. The latter can reach down to a depth of 4.6m. Either configuration can traverse a 3.8m-high wall.

At the show, the various boom options were showcased on a 26,000L Volumetra tanker. The boom system typically costs over €20,000 excluding VAT. A turbo-filler adds several thousand to the overall price.