Small square bales are very much still with us and while rounds bales and large square bales may account for the lion’s share of baling that is done today, there is still a demand for the smaller package, especially so from the equine sector.

Massey Ferguson is happy to keep servicing this sector; it has combined some components from its large square balers with small baler design to create a high-capacity machine which boosts bale density by up to 20%.

Hard working baler

Its latest baler is the MF 1842S which is described as a premium, super heavy-duty machine.

It is built to work at a high rate and so make the most of windows in the weather that allow the safe baling of crops, be it hay or straw.

The baler, which makes standard, 14” x 18” bales, follows on from the MF 1840, which has earnt itself a reputation for performance, reliability and low costs of ownership, according to the company.

Mix and match

The MF 1842S employs heavy duty, high-capacity components from the MF 185 large square baler and other models sold in North America.

This enables the machine to deliver considerably higher outputs for operators needing extra feeding capacity while retaining reliability in the field.

Highlights of the new design include a 22% larger flywheel and bigger bearings to match the extra weight and forces involved.

Square bales at high speed

Working at 100rpm, the plunger stroke is over 24% longer, increasing compression due to the extra torque generated by the greater radius of the larger flywheel.

A new 33.8kg counterbalance, mounted on the drive arm, evens out peak loads on the tractor and maintains consistent plunger speed, as well as helping to improve efficiency.

To keep up with the high speed plunger the pick-up reel has been borrowed from a MF 185 big square baler which turns 37% faster than its predecessor.

A new pre-forming chamber, enlarged by more than 75% over existing designs, increases the baler’s capability to produce square bales of a consistent size and density.