There was a mixed trade in marts throughout the country this week, with the terrible weather all over last week not helping the situation.


In Balla mart on Saturday had 600 lots on offer. According to the marts report there was some good prices paid for heifers which were well up on last week. It says one exceptional heifer weighing 510kg made E1585 which is the equivalent of €3.11/kg. The report also notes bullock numbers were small and a mixed trade was seen. One top quality 795kg Lim bullock made €1460 while lighter plainer types were making around €400 to €600 with their weights or €1.77/kg to €2.78/kg. Heavy Bullocks in Balla were making from €500 to €700 or 1.31c/kg to 2.53c/kg.

In terms of heifers light heifers under 400kg were making a great trade averaging 1.86 to 3.12 euro/kg the best a 395kg Char which made E1145 thats E750 with its weight. Heavy heifers made from 1.81 to 3.11 p/kg. One Heifer 485kg Lim made E1465 thats E980 with its weight. There was 93 cows on offer. One five-year-old Sim due in April made E1410 & the best Dry Cow an eight-year-old 1010KG Char made E1950.There was over 70 weanlings on offer. Light Bulls averaged from E300 to E665 with their weights or 1.90 to 3.08 for weanlings under 350kg while heavy bulls made E1.67 to E2.26 with their weight.

Light Heifers averaged from 1.94 to 2.93 for weanlings under 350kg or E400 to E600 with their weights and heavy heifers made from E300 to E675 with their weights or 2.56 to 2.82 p/kg.

Sample prices:
Bullocks: 255KG CHX €675, 375KG LMX €940, 475KG CHX €1200, 650KG LMX €1370, 795KG LMX €1460
Heifers: 280KG CHX €805 @ 2.88 €/KG,395KG CHX €1145 @ 2.90 €/KG, 485KG LMX €1465 @ 2.88 €/KG, 510KG LMX €1585 @ 3.11 €/KG
Bull Weanlings: 175KG BBX E750,320KG BBX E985,370KG AAX E1100
Heifer Weanlings: 332KG CHX €930, 405KG CHX €1105, 450KG CHX €1125

Carnew reported a good entry with 650 and 80 calves on offer. Quality lots very strong trade and plainer cattle slower to sell.
Beef & Forward Bullocks made €650 – €910 over the weight
Store bullocks were on average €350 – €745 over the weight
Weanling bulls strong export demand €380 – €750 over
Beef Heifers €520 – €850 over the weight
Dry Cows €100 – €750 over the weight


In Ballinakill a sales are remaining small. According to its report good trade for small young fancy cattle. The bulls and older cattle difficult to move. The heifers were also a good lively trade.

Prices included:

Heavy bullocks €1.85 to €2.26
Forward Stores €1.70 to €2.35
Light Stores €1.60 to €2.40
Beef Heifers €1.90 to €2.15
Store Heifers €1.70 to €2.10
Weanling Bulls €1.80 to €2.15
Weanling Hfrs €1.70 to €2.00
Dry Cows €1.25 to €1.70

The weather brought a smaller numbers to Tullow last week, with trade similar to previous
week. With the effects of the weather taking its toll prices were a little easier but quality was maybe not as good.

Beef and Forward Bullocks sold from €620 to €880 with the Kg, while lighter store bullocks continued to meet a strong farmer demand selling from €200 with the Kg for FR types up to €700 for 500kg CH types.

Beef Heifers sold from €580 to €900 with the Kg while store heifer sold from €300 to €750 with the Kg.

Factory type cows sold from 200 with the Kg for Fr types up to €700 with the Kg for heavy continental cows.

Image: O’Gorman Photography