The UK's Limousin society has advised members not to buy or use Ballinloan Jaegerbomb semen following doubts over the champion AI bull's parentage until the situation is resolved.

A letter sent to members and signed by the British Limousin Cattle Society (BLCS) chief executive Iain Kerr advised that DNA tests were underway and that calves sired by the bull would not be registered as pedigree until the situation was resolved.

AgriLand understands that already more than 2,000 straws of the bull's semen have been sold, including sales made internationally.

'DNA parentage issue'

Kerr wrote: "It has come to the society’s attention that there is a DNA parentage identity issue with the pedigree Limousin bull Ballinloan Jaegerbomb UK 542434/501587.

"Every effort is presently being made to resolve this issue. Whilst the DNA testing work is ongoing, the society feels it is important and necessary to bring the issue to members’ attention as quickly as possible."

The letter gave the following advice:

Breeding stock

Semen from this bull is available through a number of outlets. At this time and with the parentage issue ongoing, the BLCS would advise no further purchase or use of semen held from this bull until further notice.

Please also take note of this issue if it is relevant to any forthcoming sales or purchases of cattle sired by this bull.

New calves to be registered

Registration applications for new calves sired by this bull can still be made.

They will be put in to the Society’s ‘holding tank’, but will not be approved and fully registered until the situation is resolved.

Calves already registered

A number of progeny have already been registered to this sire.

Those animals will be temporarily suspended in the Limousin Herd Book until a resolution around the bull’s parentage is reached.

All members owning these animals will be contacted directly by the society as soon as the situation is clarified.

Ballinloan Jaegerbomb

Kerr added: "The bull is currently owned and marketed by Ian Handley of the Gunnerfleet herd. Members are advised there is no implication, impropriety or wrongdoing on the part of Ian Handley in connection with this matter.

"This statement has also been made with Ian Handley’s agreement and full support for the action now being taken.

The breeder of the bull, Stuart Fotheringham, of the Ballinloan herd is taking all steps to help in identifying the dam.

"The society understands the concern this issue will cause and for this reason has brought it to members’ attention at this early stage."

The statement explained that members would be informed of the outcome of DNA tests.