The Soil Association in the UK is targeting a 6% increase in organic food sales during the month of September.

The organisation’s ‘Organic September’ campaign will celebrate all aspects of organic agri-food production, with envisaged positive implications for producers, processers and retailers.

The initiative will be under pinned by a digital marketing campaign, the ‘#Organic30’. This will profile 30 small changes people can make throughout September, when it comes to choosing and using more organic products.

Through the Soil Association website consumers can also share their stories about organic food and in return see how farmers are making a difference on the farm.

The website will also create a platform for exchange which will also give people more information about where to buy organic food. The 30 changes will also show people how organic farming supports wildlife, the environment and has the best animal welfare standards, helping to further build the market.

The Soil Association will make a range of marketing materials available to retailers as a means of encouraging organic produce sales.

The campaign will have a weekly category focus to engage with all sectors of food and farming, giving each a chance to shine – one week it will be dairy, the next week vegetables etc.

Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification, said that ‘Organic September’ will make a huge difference to organic sales.

“Last year we saw an uplift of 4% in organic sales and this year we expect an even bigger increase. We’re supporting farmers who sell to the public with materials and resources to help promote organic to their customers.

“These resources have the added benefit of raising the profile of organic farming, too. We’re confident this year’s Organic September campaign will improve sales of organic products, help build the organic market and achieve a stronger return for quality organic food so producers can reap the benefits.”