In the war to gain market share in some regions of Europe, Steyr has taken a new approach.

Under the slogan ‘One man’s joy is his neighbour’s envy’, the company has launched a scheme whereby those who purchase a CVT model (equipped with a stepless transmission) will have the option of personalising their tractor.

Customers can opt to add their own name to the bonnet of a Steyr CVT tractor (applicable to the next 200 units built) at no extra cost.

The company has helpfully added a page to its website, on which potential buyers can see how their new personalised tractor would look – with a moniker applied.

Within the Steyr CVT range there are several models spanning the higher end of the mid-sized tractor segment.

The stepless transmission is available on tractors of varying power outputs; the company claims to have sold over 40,000 CVT models since its introduction.

The manufacturer also claims that with its latest updates, including improved front axles, higher payloads, Quick Turn II and S-Brake, the continuously-variable transmission equipped Steyr CVT models perform well in “all agricultural, forestry and municipal situations”.

Of course, Steyr is not the only manufacturer to offer a degree of personalisation. Valtra, for example, will happily add a customer’s name to the cab of each ‘factory-ordered’ tractor as it passes down the production line.

Alas, Steyr tractors are not ‘officially’ sold here anymore, but you can buy Case IH or even New Holland counterparts (which are largely similar, albeit in a different colour/livery).