Strautmann has extended its Magnon range of premium forage wagons with a new set of three machines that sit below the present top of the range Magnon CSF 10 wagons.

The company has taken the Magnon concept and brought it to a more budget focused customer base, which might appreciate the features but would prefer a more compact machine.

Same build, different size

These latest models retain such features as the Flex-Load pick-up, Exact Cut cutting unit and a hydraulically swivelling front panel which users of the larger machines are already familiar with.

The company describes them as powerful, yet compact, silage forage wagons which offer loading capacities of between 36m³ to 44m³ (DIN), taking up less space while offering more capacity than similar sized wagons on the market.

The new Magnon forage wagons share many features with their larger brothers, but are more affordable

The pick-up width remains the same, yet the internal floor is 15cm narrower than the larger models in the range.

The three new machines are the Magnon 370, 410 and 450 and they come equipped with the company’s Continuous Flow System (CFS) and general approach to rugged engineering.

As other manufacturers are doing, Strautmann is emphasising the extra autonomy from contractors that budget-friendly machines allow, ensuring that grass is ensiled at a time of the farmers choosing rather than waiting for a contractor to finish elsewhere.

Efficiency through load density

Strautmann claims that the Magnon 8 forage wagons are designed to maximise efficiency and capacity with a hydraulically-powered front wall that adjusts in three stages, as chopped grass builds up against the tailgate sensor.

Feed roller Strautmann
The pick remains the same tried and tested unit from the newly renamed Magnon 10 series

The moving front wall will yield to this build-up to give a total of 4.5m³ extra loading potential, regardless of original size or shape, ensuring maximum load density and transport efficiency.

During unloading, this same feature facilitates efficient ejection with its on command function which is located within the tractor cab.

Full width Magnon pick-up

We are also told that the CFS pick-up unit gives the machine a good loading performance combined with a low power consumption.

The pickup itself is 2.25m wide and is said to collect the whole swath, even at field corners, without a reduction in rotor capacity, providing uniform harvesting across its width.

Magnon pick up
Strautmann pick-ups feature plastic tines which the company claims are as robust as steel

The Magnon 8 range features an optimised Flex-Load pick-up powered by a newly designed crop press roller. This double roller, with its slip-proof profile and larger diameter, ensures maximum flow into the chopper, according to the company.

Cutting units have 44 knives, providing a theoretical cut length down to 35mm. The double-sided knives have a rapid-trigger protection that automatically retracts, and then returns them to their conveying position if a foreign object passes through.

Steel floor on forage wagon
The steel floor on the smaller Magnons has a powder-coat finish

The robust construction includes a 2.25m-wide steel platform floor which is fitted with four, 13t breaking strain, round chains and a full powder coat finish gives extra protection against corrosion.

Tandem bogie-mounted axles are standard on the two smaller models while what Strautmann describes as a hydraulic tandem chassis comes as standard on the larger 450 model, although this running gear may be fitted as an option on the smaller machines.