Strautmann will unveil a whole new breed of silage wagons at this year’s Agritechnica show in Germany.

The ‘Magnon CFS’ is described as a “completely new wagon concept”. Noteworthy features include a hydraulically-driven pick-up, plastic pick-up tines and a moving front panel (bulkhead).

The Magnon CFS will be available in three versions – the 430 (42m³), 470 (46m³) and 530 (52m³).

The so-called ‘Flex-Load’ plastic pick-up tines (pictured below) replace traditional steel units. These are arranged in six (V-shaped) rows. These, claim Strautmann, offer “more flexibility on uneven terrain”.

Steel strippers are mounted between the tines. The tines can apparently be changed (by removing one bolt) without having to remove the bands.

Because the pick-up reel is now driven hydraulically, its speed can be adjusted “in accordance with harvesting conditions”. In automatic mode, its speed matches the forward speed of the tractor.

Meanwhile, the existing CFS roller is designed to guide grass from the pick-up to the rotor.

48-knife chopper

A new feature, according to Strautmann, is the ‘Exact-Cut’ (48-knife) chopping system; it offers a theoretical chop-length of 35mm. As is the case on other Strautmann wagons, the knives have cutting edges on both sides.

The knife protection system has a “spot-on triggering function”. This completely retracts the knife from the rotor when a foreign object is encountered. The ‘Exact-Cut’ system also has an automatic reset facility.

A first for a Strautmann silage wagon is the hydraulically-pivoting front panel (pictured below). It pivots into the cargo space – to compress the load.

When the rear cargo space is full, the front panel automatically moves forward, providing another 5m³ of loading capacity.

When emptying, the front panel automatically moves rearward – to speed up unloading.

The Magnon CFS 430 and 470 models are built on a tandem-axle chassis; the bigger Magnon CFS 530 runs on three axles. The largest possible tyre size is 800/45R30.5.


Also new is the control terminal; it’s ISOBUS-compatible and has a 5.7in (touch-screen) display, with additional membrane keys.

Stay tuned to AgriLand for further updates, as and when they emerge from Strautmann’s Irish importer – IAM (Kilkenny).