By the first half of 2025, all Tesco fresh chicken will be grown with 20% more space than the industry standard, the retailer announced today (Monday, June 17).

Tesco said the increased space measure forms part of a range of improvements to its chicken welfare standards.

The improvements will see chickens grown at a reduced stocking density, with birds provided with 20% more space than the industry standard, which is currently 38kg/m2.

Head of sustainable agriculture and fisheries at Tesco, Natalie Smith, said: “We know how much our customers care about animal welfare, and we’re committed to improving standards across our ranges wherever possible, while maintaining great value and quality for customers.

“That’s why over the course of the next year, all our core fresh chicken will be grown to higher welfare standards, with over 20% more space than the industry standard.

“This move reaffirms our commitment to British agriculture and is a significant step-up in welfare standards for the poultry industry in the UK.

“Thanks to this move, customers can continue to make better, more sustainable choices while still enjoying the same great value.”

Recalled Tesco products

Food products sold by retailers including Tesco, as well as other retailers, have been recalled by Samworth Brothers Manton Wood due to possible contamination with E.coli.

The recalled products include various sandwiches, wraps and salads and, while E.coli has not been detected in the products, they have been recalled as a precaution due to the “possible presence” of E.coli organisms.

There has been a total of 211 confirmed cases of Shiga toxin-producing E.coli (STEC) in the UK in recent weeks, thought to be linked to a nationally distributed food item or multiple food items.

Based on information from 160 cases to date, 42% were admitted to hospital.

The Tesco products that have been recalled, with use by dates up to and including June 16, 2024, are:

  • Tesco chicken salad sandwich;
  • Tesco chicken salad sub;
  • Tesco BBQ chicken wrap;
  • Tesco hoi sin duck wrap;
  • Tesco chicken club sandwich;
  • Tesco tuna crunch sub;
  • Tesco spicy bean wrap;
  • Tesco chicken bacon and lettuce sandwich;
  • Tesco fajita chicken wrap;
  • Tesco summer edition Greek style chicken gyros wrap.