Tractor manufacturer Ursus has recently introduced three new ‘compact’ models.

The C-335 B is rated at 35hp; the C-350 B (pictured above) churns out 50hp; while the more potent C-360 B has 60hp under the bonnet. All have a relatively basic specification, with 12F 12R (mechanical) gearboxes.

Interestingly, these tractors are actually built (for Ursus) by Branson in South Korea.

To put things in context, here’s a picture (below) of some Branson tractors on display at last year’s Agritechnica show in Germany. There are clearly striking similarities between the new Ursus ‘compact’ and the existing Branson 6225C tractor.

Here’s another shot (below) showing a close-up of the larger of these two Branson tractors (both of which are kitted out with front-end loaders).

Of course, Ursus was also out in force at the 2017 Agritechnica show. Taking pride of place on its exhibit was its prototype C-3150V tractor (below). It has 150hp on tap.

The tractor is home to a Deutz engine; that’s mated to a Vigus semi-powershift transmission (with a power-shuttle). This is a 32F 32R box. Top whack on the road is 40kph.

Rear lift capacity tops out at 7t. Maximum hydraulic throughput is 100L/min. In its ‘standard’ specification, the tractor weighs 6.9t; it is 3m high (to the top of the cab).

It’s worth noting that Ursus claims that its history (in Poland) stretches back over 120 years; it currently has production facilities in Lublin, Dobre Miasto and Opalenica.