Thief caught on camera breaking into farm and stealing goods

A thief has been caught on camera breaking into a farm container in Bolton and stealing valuable equipment – just weeks after the farm was targeted before.

A masked man was seen entering a storage unit on Smithhills Open Farm and taking a leaf blower and some drill batteries.

This is the second theft on the farm in just four weeks after thieves previously stole a collection of drills in three separate trips on the same day.

It is estimated that the value of the tools stolen in both raids is around £1,500.

A spokesperson for the farm told The Bolton News that “we have been really busy getting the grass and the wheat on the field and we have a big workshop and that was left open”.

“This lad must have been watching what was happening from the dark.

He literally ran straight into the container and grabbed an armful of drill batteries and took a leaf blower on the way out.

“Only four weeks ago, at least two people came and took drills and a grinder three times in the same day.

“The leaf blower was worth £250 on its own and items that have been stolen have a value of around £1,500.

“They are all goods that will have to be replaced.”

‘It is just the cheek of it’

The spokeswoman continued: “It is just the cheek of it.

“He has obviously just been waiting for the moment to steal.

It is so brazen. These thieves just think they can do what they want and it is hardworking people like us that are being ripped off by these people.

“We are just getting back on our feet after being closed during the lockdown.”

Anyone who has any information about the thefts is asked to contact Greater Manchester Police or Crimestoppers.