A group of protesters in tractors have taken to the streets of London today (July 8) calling on politicians to protect British food standards and animal welfare.

Save British Farming, the group behind the protest, warned that half of the UK’s farms could be put at risk, should the Agriculture Bill, fail to legislate to protect British agricultural and food production standards in future deals.

In an impassioned video plea posted on social media backing the movement, British author Emma Kennedy said: “What can you do? Write to your MP.

If you want to help save British farms; if you want to maintain the food standards we have grown used to; if you animal welfare standards to remain as they were; if you don’t want British farms to have to return to the bad old days of intensive farming; if you don’t want to see half of British farms go under – then write to your MP.

The tractors were pictured crossing Westminster Bridge before heading down Embankment and up Whitehall before ending at Parliament Square.

A spokesman said the event was “never intended to be a huge demonstration”.“Harvest, Covid and sheer distance for tractors to travel to London made that impossible,” the statement read, before suggesting more events would take place over the next few months.

“They don’t need to spray the Commons with slurry as there’s enough BS [sic] from the government benches already,” one supporter quipped.

The most recent version of the Agriculture Bill is currently in the Committee Stage at the House of Lords.