UK approved for ‘third country’ listed status

EU member states have agreed the UK’s ‘listed status’ application after the country met the animal health and biosecurity assurances for a ‘third country’, i.e., countries outside the EU.

This status means that the UK will be able to export animal products and most live animals to the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit ‘from day one’, as explained by the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

Businesses and vets who import live animals and animal products will also continue to have access to the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES), which is a web-based veterinary certification tool.

The status means that there will be no period of lost trade between the EU and the UK if a no-deal Brexit takes effect.

The announcement has been welcomed by a number of groups, including the National Sheep Association (NSA), who said that: “The NSA is very pleased to hear this news, as it means there will be no period of lost trade. UK farmers can rest assured there will remain a market for their products in the EU from the point we leave, potentially as soon as this Friday, April 12.

“Had we left without listed status being secured, sheep meat exporters would have lost access to the EU market overnight with no knowledge of when it may be returned, which would have been very damaging for the industry,” said an NSA spokesperson.

With the assurance, exporters can rest assured the market will remain if we leave without a deal.

However, the NSA emphasises that ‘no-deal’ tariffs would still apply to UK lamb exports in the event of a hard Brexit.