The high quality of UK soft wheat its potential export opportunities was showcased at a baking workshop in Algeria earlier this month.

Millers and bakers from seven private companies as well as technicians from the state-owned cereals office, OAIC, which controls Algeria’s wheat imports, sampled UK flour at the workshop in Algiers.

Organised by AHDB’s Cereals and Oilseeds exports team, the event is part of an ongoing programme of baking workshops held in the UK and overseas – targeting influencers from key export markets.

A world of opportunity

The aim of the workshop was to introduce uks wheat into the Algerian market and demonstrate its suitability for a range of baked goods.

Currently, the UK only exports ukp (semi-hard varieties) to Algeria, which they use to produce biscuits and cakes.

“The aim of this workshop was to showcase the versatility of uks wheat and to demonstrate the difference in soft and semi-hard wheat in a range of baked goods," AHDB’s export marketing executive Dorit Cohen explained.

“By hosting a baking workshop, we also had the opportunity to meet with key influencers and strengthen our relationships in Algeria with the goal of increasing our exports to this all-important market.”

In 2015-16 and 2016-17, the UK exported 382,156t of wheat to Algeria – worth over £50 million. However, due to limited availability, little was exported to the country last year.

According to official USDA data, wheat imports to Algeria totalled seven million tonnes last year – with the majority of milling wheat sourced from France.

With a population of 41 million growing at an estimated rate of 1.6% a year, the Algerian market offer further potential for UK wheat.

An inward mission to the UK is being planned for March to give OAIC representatives the opportunity to gain a greater insight into UK cereals supply chain.