The Ulster Farmers’ Union welcomed major retailers Tesco and Lidl show of support for local pork as both retailers roll out the use of the Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum’s new label to help customers easily identify Northern Ireland pork products. The Union is now calling on the other retailers to follow their lead and promptly adopt the label.

UFU Deputy President Ivor Ferguson said; “The development of an NI pork label is something to be celebrated and I am pleased to see two of the major retailers in Northern Ireland already supporting it. To their credit, Tesco is the first of the retailers to embrace it with Lidl not far behind. The Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum label means that consumers can be confident in the origins of the pork products they are buying and that they are getting a top quality product. We know from recent research that more and more consumers are looking to buy local and this is enabling them to do just that when it comes to pork. The uptake of this label is especially welcome at a time when pig producers are becoming increasingly concerned about the possible misrepresentation of pigmeat products by retailers and the food service sector.

“Northern Ireland’s pig farmers pride themselves on producing pig meat to the highest standards and are pleased that this label is available to help retailers promote Northern Irish pork products. However, there is still work to be done and we are calling on the other retailers in Northern Ireland to show their support for NI’s pig farmers by putting the logo on their NI pork products as soon as possible.”