Valentine’s Day is upon us, the annual day where cards, flowers and chocolates are exchanged, but if you’re part of a farming couple does the same hold true?

Are you more likely to get a pet lamb as a present and a solid evening of watching CCTV from the calving shed or will your significant other be taking you out for dinner in a fancy restaurant?

One thing’s for sure, there are seven realities that probably hold true if you’re going out with a farmer this Valentine’s Day:

1.They are never on time

Valentine’s Day falls at one of the busiest times of the year on farms – calving and lambing time.

This is not ideal timing if you think your significant other will be able to tear himself of herself away from the maternity ward for a few hours to spend time with you.

Chances are you’ll be halfway to a restaurant for a slap-up meal and the phone will ring to say that your boyfriend/girlfriend is needed to help a cow calving.


2. You have limited movie choices

If you thought you’d be curling up on the couch watching The Notebook on Valentine’s Day, think again.

It’s more likely that the two of you will be watching live footage from the calving shed on the television – waiting for the next cow to calve.

It’s more 50 shades of hay than 50 shades of grey!


3. Unique Valentine’s Day gifts

Flowers and chocolates may be the standard ‘go-to’ gifts for Valentine’s Day for the ladies.

But, when he’s giving you a pet lamb as the ideal Valentine’s Day gift you know it’s true love.

Lamb thinks its a horse

4.’Taking a break’ in May and June

Anyone who’s going out with a farmer knows that seeing them in May and June is a rare occurrence, if the weather stays fine.

Silage season, one of the most important times of the year, takes place and farmers across the country will be flat to the mat cutting grass for silage.

So don’t expect them to be around in the evenings after work or college – they’re still out in the field cutting away, with Rhythm Is A Dancer blaring in the cab.

Silage, Summer, Weather, Grass

5. Standing in the gap

Standing in the gap and holding the gate are two of the most important jobs on the farm when moving cattle.

You don’t want half the herd over in the neighbouring field.. or worse in your ‘blow-in’ neighbours garden.

Never underestimate the importance of standing in the gap.

farmyard gate

6. Romantic dinners at the mart

If you’ve got notions of going for a Michelin star meal this Valentine’s Day, or at the weekend, then think again.

The reality of going out with a farmer is that the closest you’ll get to that Michelin star meal is a good hearty meal at the mart.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Buyers at Maam Cross Mart's Annual Mule ewe lamb sale

Buyers at Maam Cross Mart’s Annual Mule ewe lamb sale

7. Marriage proposals will probably involve animals

If you’re expecting himself/herself to drop down on one knee this Valentine’s Day, then don’t be surprised if animals are involved in the marriage proposal.

If you’re in need of some farming-inspired ideas then we’ve complied a range of farming proposals that farmers have done – just so you can be prepared if you’re thinking of popping the question!

Image: One MK news

Image: One MK news