This new model year will see the Claas Jaguar 900 forage harvesters, both wheeled and tracked, benefit from an upgraded drive to the pick-up tines, while the smaller Jaguar 800 series is expanded with new and more powerful models.

In addition to a change in the mechanical components, the CEMIS 1200 terminal with the new GPS Pilot becomes available for all models.

Auto speed adjustment

Two seasons ago Claas introduced an optional drive variant for the front attachment on the two Jaguar 900 models in the form of an additional hydraulic drive for the reel of the pick-up reel.

The purpose of this option was to power the tines independently of the intake auger with automatic, variable-speed adjustment relative to the ground speed.

Claas Jaguar 900
Tine speed, independent of auger speed, can improve crop flow

The result, Claas claims, is an efficient raking action at any speed with minimal intake losses and very low wear.

This drive system has now been enhanced with additional functionality that automatically adjusts the pick-up speed relative to the ground speed above 5km/h.

The concept being that if the ground speed, or the chop length setting, is changed, then the pick-up reel and intake auger speeds are automatically matched to the prevailing conditions.

This is said to result in a more consistent and even flow of the crop into the knives, especially where there are frequent and significant changes in swath thickness.

Auto and manual

Although the system is being billed as automatic, both speeds may also be adjusted manually from the cab, in accordance with the requirements of the harvest.

Claas Jaguar 900 reel
Improvements to the new reels include a new lubrication system for drive chains

From this season onwards the Jaguar 840 will be fitted with the same Mercedes-Benz OM 471 LA Stage V six-cylinder engine already used in the Jaguar 850.

The 12.8L displacement means that engine output for the smallest forage harvester in the current Claas product range is increased by 27hp, taking the maximum output to 435hp at 1,600rpm without, we are assured, any adverse effect on fuel efficiency.

CEMIS equipped Jaguar 900

The Jaguar 900 and 800 models may also be equipped with the CEMIS 1200 terminal which includes GPS Pilot, system developed for use in the company’s combine range.

This automated steering system can of be used when harvesting maize, whole crop silage or other types of forage crops.

Forage harvester CEMIS
The new CEMIS system can control speed as well as steering

At the heart of the system is a 12in screen that provides a 2D and 3D displays with a dividable screen, as well as online task management and documentation with data export by means of telematics or USB.

By opting for the latest steering and control systems on the harvesters it is possible for not only the steering to be automated but also the ground speed, to match crop conditions to the available power.