The 40-year partnership between Templetuohy Farm Machinery (TFM) and John Deere has proven to be a notable success for both parties over the four decades that they have been working together.

To celebrate the event, the dealership held an open day at its original premises at Templetuohy, Co. Tipperary with a good selection of new and used stock on display for visitors to ponder.

Agriland was there to see what was on display and captured a snippet of the day in the video below.

First sale

Despite there being many new machines to be seen, the star of the show was the first John Deere tractor that the Butler brothers sold back in 1983.

Although not centre stage (that was left to a tracked 8RX 370), this tractor was one of the smallest on display with just 75hp, but that, along with its distinctive RoundGard cab, would have made it stand out in its day.

The tractor has been beautifully restored and is probably the last one in the yard that the family will part with – a company’s legacy is priceless.

Although of great sentimental value, it did highlight the standard of refurbishment reached by the company as it upgrades older tractors with anything from a respray to a full restoration, adding value and years of life to older tractors.

Booking a production slot

Away from the classics, the newer models on display gave a good impression of the current John Deere approach to tractor design.

Lead times may not be quite as painful as they were a year ago, but it is still important that tractors are ordered well in advance of when they might be needed.

New Tractors and machinery
The tractor loader combination is still popular in Ireland and TFM is happy to fit them when required

A neatly presented selection of the company’s used stock was there for customers to view and TFM was not shy of pricing them, always welcome to see in a dealer’s yard, as it allows the visitor to get an idea of the market without having to keep asking prices.

Lemken and SIP each had a new machine present. Lemken in the shape of a Solitair DT drill combination and SIP in the form of an Air 900T belt swather.

Stay tuned to the Agriland platform for details of these two items to come over the coming days.

Lemken TFM drill
John Hughes (left), chairman of the FCI and Derek Delahunty of Lemken with the Solitair DT drill

Besides the new drill, Lemken also had a Rubin 12 set of discs which are equipped with 736mm (29″) discs that can work at up to a depth 9″, making it as much a disc plough as it is a secondary cultivator.

All things JD at Templetuohy

Returning to John Deere, there was a line of eight self-propelled forage harvesters awaiting new owners, a reminder that TFM is a major player in Ireland with a huge choice of machines between its six depots.

Templetuohy farm machinery TFM forage harvester
An impressive line-up of forage harvesters await new homes

Kramer loaders were also being featured with a full range of these loaders in stock. The manufacturer claims stability and build quality are their primary attributes.

The loader market is slowly increasing and Kramer has a premium product to offer.

TFM tractors
The majority of tractors sold in the US are below 100hp so JD has a range of smaller machines suitable for turfcare duties in Ireland

A Mazzotti self-propelled sprayer took up a corner of the workshop. Forward cab machines have always been more popular than mid-cab types in Ireland and the UK and so these machines compliment Deere’s own sprayers which have a mid-mounted cab.

Judging by the number of people milling around during the afternoon, TFM enjoyed a successful event. A lot of work had obviously gone into the open day to give customers and Deere fans a good taste of just why TFM has has grown over the years.