The heavy rain was the main talking point of the 'Cereals' event in the UK last week, but there was plenty to see on-site and lots of interesting new innovations to check out.

AgriLand has been filling readers in on some of the news from the event and will continue to do so over the coming days but, for now, we've put together a short video from the two days to give you a flavour of what it was all about.

Clean machinery wasn't necessarily the order of the day; you'll see that as you watch this footage (below).

Among some of AgriLand's highlights was the sprays and sprayers event - a highlights reel of that will follow.

We will also report back on some of the headline research being carried out across the water, as well as bringing you updates on new varieties coming to the UK market.

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BYDV was also a major talking point at the event, as farmers and the industry make a plan for winter cereal crops without neonicotinoids.


42mm of rain fell at the 'Cereals' site just two nights before the show and more rain followed last Wednesday night, June 12.

This caused serious damage to farms in the Lincolnshire area. Floods covered wheat crops and ruined vegetable and pea crops due for harvest.