Warter Priory Estate, a farm in the UK, has filmed its farmers ploughing, cultivating and harrowing the land as it prepares to sow seed.

The farm is set in East Yorkshire, England, amidst 12,000 acres and the main crops grown on the farm are wheat, barley and oilseed rape.

This video kicks off with the farm’s Fendt 939 Vario pulling a Kverneland 10 furrow plough over the rolling fields (there’s no need to go picking stones in this field!).

Next up is the Challenger CAT 765C pulling the Vaderstad NZ Aggressive 8.0m cultivator.

Then it’s time to harrow, where the Fendt 939 with dual wheels comes in; it’s pulling the Alpego D-Max 600 6.0m power harrow.

Onto the main event, the Challenger CAT 775E drills the spring seed with the Vaderstad Rapid 800C 8.0m seed drill.

Finally, the drilled land is rolled with the Fendt 724 Vario with dual wheels and the Vaderstad 12.0m rollers.

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As well as growing barley, the farm also grow peas in partnership with Birds Eye and some of the land on the farm is used for growing potatoes.

Warter Priory Estate also has an Instagram account, where it posts some great shots of all the action that takes place on the farm.

Recently, it posted a great image of five Fendt tractors with five Kverneland ploughs – a great sight!