A three-year-old girl called Lilly made waves over the weekend on the internet after she lambed a ewe by herself and was recorded by her mother Rachel Nicholas.

Her mother posted the video onto her Facebook page where it has garnered a lot of attention and over 20,000 shares.

According to Rachel, it’s the second lamb pulled by Lilly for the season and Lilly is “well excited and pleased with herself”.

Her mother also commented with the video “not bad for three years old”.

In the video below, you can hear Rachel guiding Lilly through the lambing and asks her what she can feel.

“I can feel lambs feet!” Lilly, complete with lambing dungarees, says as Rachel asks her can she feel his nose.

After a few seconds Lilly says she can feel the lambs mouth and then pulls out the legs. With a small bit of assistance from her mother, Lilly then pulls the lamb out.

“I’ve got it…yay it’s a girl!”

Not bad at all for the three-year-old!

2nd lamb pulled by lilly for the season. She’s well excited and pleased with herself. Not bad for 3 years old.

Posted by Rachel Nicholas on Thursday, February 18, 2016