A young farmer from Cornwall in the UK, was shocked to find his room destroyed by five calves, who broke into his feed room and were sitting contently on the couch when he arrived.

Michael Andrew works on his family farm as well as the family farming business, Carharrack Animal Feeds.

After a day of work, Michael was extremely surprised to see the calves he reared himself in his room and had made themselves comfortable on his couch.

The three-month-old calves had made their way from the yard into the feed room where Michael would often spend time between jobs.

Michael told Agriland: “it was more of a feed room where I would go with my mates to watch TV or play Xbox.

“I think they must have been rubbing their head on the door handle and caught it just right. The room had their feed in it which they would been keen on.

“They somehow managed to shut the door behind them, pull the curtains and turn the light on.”

‘Tame’ calves

The young calves were being accommodated in an enclosed yard and managed to make their way to the feeding room.

Michael reared the calves stating that they are “very tame” , so they did not stir or become startled when he walked in and found them in the room.

However, according to Michael, they destroyed the room from their “own mess” and they also managed to break his Xbox. They certainly have done “quite a lot of damage”, he added.

He informed Agriland that the calves are not allowed in the yard until they get permanent enforcements to prevent this from happening again and that the door to the room will be locked from now on.

Michael said he hopes to get a new Xbox but is going to wait until he can be certain there is no chance of the calves venturing inside again.