The latest episode of Farmland, which shines a light on how the current inflation and input crises are affecting two key areas within the agricultural industry – the machinery sector and farming families - is now available to watch.

In this latest programme, executive director of the Farm Tractor Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) Michael Farrelly, talks to Agriland editor Stella Meehan about the impact of world events on machinery prices.

He presents his expectations for the industry, explaining that while sales remain strong currently, price rises are unavoidable as the manufacturing process of these products is energy intensive.

Despite a rise in prices, strong sales may continue according to Farrelly, following an increase in some commodity prices such as milk.

Farmland discusses silage

Also on the latest episode, Agriland journalist Richard Halleron presents his outlook on silage production in 2022.

He suggests that Ireland could face a fodder crisis in the back end of the year because of a shortage of silage as a result of farmers holding back on using fertiliser now.

Also on the programme, Alice Doyle, the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) chair of the Family Farm and Social Affairs Committee, speaks about the extra costs that farmers and their families are now experiencing.

She highlights rural disadvantage and the knock-on effects such as poor mental well-being and farm safety issues, as well as less income coming in through the farmgate and front door.

IFA Family Farm Committee chair, Alice Doyle

Doyle also discusses what she sees as a lack of consistency between Irish and EU policies governing the agri sector.

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