Welsh nuclear firm offers local farmers short of winter fodder free bales

A Welsh nuclear energy firm is offering a helping hand to farmers on Anglesey who are short of winter fodder this year.

Horizon has plans to build a new power station on its 740ac site beside the former Magnox Wylfa Power Station; however, with plans still progressing through the regulatory process, the site currently sits empty.

Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) is helping to allocate the bales to those who need them most. To be eligible, farmers will have to show that they own less than 250ac.

FUW Anglesey county executive Alaw Jones said: “We are pleased to announce that Horizon is donating a limited number of bales of silage from the Wylfa Newydd site to farmers who live and farm on Anglesey.

“To be eligible they will need to meet specified criteria, agreed between Horizon, FUW, RABI and Farming Community Network and they have to prove that their farm is below 250ac.”

Those wishing to apply can bring their SAF summary into the county office in order to verify that their farm size. The bales are only for the applicant’s own use and not for resale.

“After a disastrous harvest earlier in the year, the window of good weather in recent weeks has come as a lifeline for hundreds of farmers and their animals but farmers are not out of the woods yet.

“So this is a great example of a successful company supporting farmers in their local community and I hope that those who are struggling will take up the offer.”

Euros Jones, the FUW’s second chief executive on Anglesey added: “Once the application window is closed, all bales will be shared on a pro-rata basis, based on acreage.

“Bales will need to be collected from the site on a specified date and time. Those arrangements will be made by the FUW at the end of November. We are really grateful to have the support of Horizon.”

Applications need to be made directly through the FUW Anglesey office. County executive officer Alaw Jones on: 01248-750-250; or [email protected]. Applications will close at 5:00pm on Friday, October 19.