Here’s an interesting, though not entirely unique, idea from Canadian manufacturer Marcrest.

Its so-called Dual Power Hitch is designed to be used with small square balers (typically inline rather than offset units).

According to the firm, it allows you to “produce twice as many bales with only one tractor”. Also known as the Power Linx, it takes PTO power from one tractor and splits it in two. The tractor can then “easily operate two balers at once – getting you out of the field in half the time”.

Alas, the population of small square balers is dwindling here in Ireland. And there are even fewer inline versions. And while there are likely to be other applications for the Dual Power Hitch, the logistics of moving the rig from field to field might prove challenging.

Of course, ensuring that both balers follow their respective swaths when rounding a corner might be a challenge – depending on how the grass was mown or raked. Marcrest says that the device’s “short-coupled, compact design” minimises that issue.

Swivel gearboxes take power to the balers, so the operator doesn’t have to worry about driveline “chattering” during tight turns.

“Moreover,” said a company spokesperson, “the trailing dolly design follows ground contours well, enabling the balers’ pick-ups to make a clean sweep.”

Both arms swing independently (hydraulically) and are controlled via the tractor’s remote (spool) valves. This enables the operator to adjust the device and to cater to varying field or swath conditions. Adjustments can be made on-the-move.

The Power Linx (Dual Power Hitch) can work with any baler, according to the firm. No modifications are needed; just hook up, attach the PTO and go.

There’s also a ‘lift and lock’ feature. When you need to back up, lifting the three-point linkage will effectively lock the dollies – to keep them from turning. This feature, coupled with the independent hydraulic swing on the arms, enables operators to “steer” the balers when reversing.

This is not the first time that AgriLand has profiled products from this innovative Canadian company. Back in June, we featured the manufacturer’s self-propelled square bale stacker – the Bale Baron 6240 SP.

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While there are no 6240 SPs here in Ireland, there is a trailed Bale Baron (bale stacker) close to Headford in Co. Galway.