One of the world’s largest dairy exporters is expecting stockpiling of food in Greece and has increased the quantity of dairy it is exporting to the country.

FrieslandCampina has increased the quantity of dairy products exported to Greece amid growing fears that Greek families may begin to stock pile food with the country’s economic future uncertain.

The Dutch dairy giant has increased the volume of their Noynoy branded dairy products being exported to the financially stricken state.

Steps have also been taken to ensure the continuation of supply. FrieslandCampina has paid its 450 Greek staff in advance.

A special emphasis has been placed on both condensed milk and infant formula said Jan-Willem ter avest, told Reuters.

“We are holding more stocks of child nutrition and condensed milk, we took the decision to ensure supply to consumers because we expect people will buy more and keep it in stock.”

A 61% ‘no’ vote leaves Greece at the periphery of the European Union. This rejection of a fresh austerity bid fuels speculation that a euro exit is imminent.

Greek banks remain closed and withdrawal rationing remains in place. Greece currently has a maximum withdrawal of €60 per day.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsispras and his Syriza party are now preparing for further negotiations with creditors with the notable absence of former Finance Minister Yaris Varoufakis who stepped down to try and aid further negotiations.