Ford based specialist tractors are always popular at auctions. At the last vintage and classic sale held by Cheffins, a near record price of £210,000 was paid for a County 1474.

In its upcoming July sale, there are further Ford conversions, which although of equal interest to enthusiasts and collectors, are expected to fetch more modest prices.

One of the main attractions for County fans is a 1972 County 1004 which has been restored by a local collector. The estimate is set at £25,000-30,000.

The County 1004 is, as its name suggests, a 100hp tractor with four-wheel-drive.

It is powered by the six-cylinder Ford industrial engine which found many other homes, including the Ford Thames Trader.

Other Ford adaptions

Also from 1972, a Roadless Ploughmaster 75 has an estimate of £12,000-15,000.

The company made 1,188 of these tractors which were based on the later 'Ford Force' Ford 5000, which had been upgraded to 75hp in 1968.

Roadless ploughmaster 75
Roadless opted for unequal sized four wheel drive, which gave a better turning circle

Although companies like County made their name converting Ford tractors in the second half of the last century, Ford conversions were nothing new, even then.

Proof of this comes with Ford Model T tractor adaption which is fully running and driveable. It is set to sell for £8,000-10,000.

Ford Model T conversion
Ford Model T's were also a popular vehicle for modification

Model T's were pressed into a whole variety of uses and many smaller manufacturers sprung up in America, offering conversion kits which usually involved lowering the gearing and reinforcing the chassis.

Red as well as blue

Tractors needn't be blue (or black) to be collectable, and there are many other items of interest to those looking for a hobby machine or a workhorse.

IH 3588 tractor red
Known as the 'Snoopy', the IH 3588 was a very distinctive tractor from the late 70s

Introduced in 1978, the IH 3588 was very different from most articulated tractors of the time, in that the cab was mounted on the rear section rather than the front.

The distinctive bonnet held a six-cylinder, 7.6L engine that produced 150hp.

International 1056XL
The international 1066XL built a fearsome reputation, but the roof was prone to damage

Another classic from the international stable is a 1984 International 1056XL.

This also had six cylinders which added up to 5.9L and 105hp. Looking as if it could set out for the fields tomorrow, it is estimated to fetch £35,000-38,000.

Zetor four wheel drive
The Zetor 6748 provided 65hp to all four wheels

Zetor was an early pioneer of four-wheel-drive and passenger seats, features that Anglo/American manufacturers took many more years to adopt.

A brace of clean looking examples from 1977 are expected to bring in £15,000-18,000 each.

The next Cheffins Vintage Sale has over 1,300 lots of vintage and classic tractors, farm machinery, cars and bikes. It will take place on Saturday, July 24, at the firm’s sale ground in Sutton, Cambridgeshire.