The Met office has issued a status yellow rain warning for today, in the northeast of England.

The warning is in place for the hours between 02:00p.m and 11:59p.m, covering the areas of Newcastle down to Lincoln and parts of Norwich, across to Sheffield, Leeds, Lancaster and Carlisle.

According the national weather service, these areas should expect a few homes and business to flood, bus and train services to be affected and longer journey times on roads.

No other warnings are in place for the remainder of the week.

The overall UK forecast for the rest of this week (October 5-9) is showing wet and windy conditions across central areas, slightly drier elsewhere.

Advice for travelling in rain and flooding

On the Met’s advice page for travelling in storms, rain and strong wind, the office recommends planning ahead and making smart choices.

If you can, choose main roads, increase your following gap to allow for more time to react and keep your eyes peeled.

If the road is flooded, turn around and find another route.

According the Met Office, the number one cause of death during flooding is driving through flood water, so the safest advice is to turn around.