The Holstein Young Breeders (HYB) Holstein Australia Exchange returns for a third year, with a passionate young stockman awarded the trip of a lifetime down under in January.

The lucky member who will board a flight to Australia in early January 2019 will be Georgina Moody, a member of the South East HYB Club.

A member from a young age, Georgina has enjoyed the different experiences HYB has given her, from Weekend Rallies, Calf Shows and training days to making a wide network of friends over the years.

Holstein Australia exchange

The month-long trip down under will see the 19-year-old gain first-hand experience of its dairy industry.

Her visit will include the National Dairy Youth Camp, staying on Holstein Australia member farms in three geographically diverse regions across two states (Victoria and South Australia), participating in the International Dairy Week (IDW) Youth Challenge and working with the Holstein Australia team at IDW.

Georgina will also get to spend a day visiting Genetics Australia with a member of Holstein Australia.

The trip is an all-expenses-paid adventure, completely funded by Holstein UK and Holstein Australia, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of other cultures.

As part of the exchange, an Australian young breeder will come over to the UK in September to coincide with some of the UK’s leading dairy events, such as UK Dairy Day, the Dairy Show and the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show.

Georgina Moody said: “I have had travelling to Australia on my ‘bucket list’ for a number of years, so this is a dream come true and I am delighted to have been selected for this once in a lifetime experience.

“I’m looking forward to gaining insight into the Australian dairy industry, including the different ways they run their dairy businesses in a country with a huge amount of space, which is very different from us here in the UK.

I want to learn about the similarities that we must still share, such as animal welfare and producing the most economic litre of milk. I am also excited to see how they produce their calves and cows for showing.

Over the years Georgina has represented South East HYB Club at various events, including the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show and a number of Weekend Rallies.

Supported by her parents and sisters, she has learnt the art of showmanship, and how to congratulate those who are above her…even if it is her sisters.

Georgina Moody

She enjoys the team spirit, working together as one unit and seeing the difference between the calf when it first arrives at an event through to it being turned out and presented in the show ring.

Georgina added: “When I return from Australia I want to be able to use what I have learned within our own family farm; it would be nice to use a bull choice or an embryo of a cow family that I might see out there.

“I am also excited about the experience I will gain in show preparation so that I can do my own preparation for the show ring. One day I would like to register my own herd prefix to show and produce animals for the show ring.

“My passion is dairy cows and I am excited to be flying the flag for British dairy farming down under.”

Hannah Williams, head of events and marketing at Holstein UK, said: “HYB wishes Georgina an amazing trip of a lifetime down under.

“The Australian exchange is a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand how the southern hemisphere dairy farming industry operates and the experience will be hugely beneficial – not only from a social and personal development point of view, but, most importantly, to develop breeding, husbandry, showmanship and dairy management skills.”