Some 33% of parents have admitted to bribing their children to eat vegetables, according to a survey from Tesco.

A new school year is a lot like a new calendar year for parents and it presents the opportunity to introduce some new good habits, Tesco said.

Broccoli (20%) and carrots (19%) topped the list of the most popular vegetables that parents are likely to bribe their children to eat.

Peas, sweetcorn and sweet potatoes were the other foods that parents bribe their children to eat, Tesco said.

The survey found that starting the year off by preparing healthy home cooked meals is important to parents.

Over half of parents who responded to the nationwide survey (54%) said that they start the academic year with a new school year resolution.

Making healthier lunches for their children was the number one resolution with more weekend time for the family coming in second place.

Helping out more with homework and making better use of child-free time to oneself were other resolutions according to Tesco.

A stressful time of year for parents, 58% said that back to school costs are the main factor contributing to stress at this time of year.

Some 30% of parents said the morning rush stressed them out while excessive homework requirements cause stress to 22% of parents and 9% listed falling out with another parent over school yard politics as a cause of back-to-school stress.