Cashels Engineering – a well-known manufacturer of agricultural and other equipment – recently rolled out its special four-wheel chassis (for McHale’s Fusion ‘combi’ baler/wrapper) onto the Irish market.

According to Cashels, its ‘4-Wheel Chassis‘ is designed to be retro-fitted to existing or new McHale Fusions. The design is compatible with both the Fusion 2 and the newer Fusion 3 models.

McHale Fusion 4-wheel Chassis

McHale Fusion 4-wheel Chassis

The main feature, says the firm, of the special chassis is that it can reduce overall ground pressure by 40% or more – when operating in wet conditions. On softer ground, Cashels says that the ‘4-Wheel Chassis‘ also increases stability.

Well-known McHale dealer Clarke Machinery, which is headquartered in Co. Cavan, has tested the system here in Ireland this month (December), to assess its ground-friendly attributes.

Previously, the Cashels-designed system had been in use overseas (during recent years).

It describes the system as “simply, tidy and effective”; the two additional centre wheels share the load.

Clarke Machinery says that the ‘4-Wheel Chassis‘ is especially suitable for some operators in its region – as some contractors and farmers there routinely have to cope with “challenging and sometimes wet ground conditions”.

Prices are being finalised at the moment; watch this space.

Cashels Engineering is based in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. It is particularly well known to Irish contractors and farmers for its bale handlers, grabs and fuel bowsers. It also manufactures trailers, mobile power washers, rollers, transport boxes, livestock feeders and bespoke, customised products.

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In other news specific to McHale itself, the Mayo-based manufacturer recently unveiled its second (twin-rotor) silage rake at last month’s massive Agritechnica show.

The latest addition is the R 68-78 central-delivery model; it is broadly similar to the existing R 62-72 (first seen at the National Ploughing Championships in September), albeit with a wider working width.

The R 68-78 is aimed at silage contractors and farmers – using balers, wagons and self-propelled forage harvesters.


It can be used to combine multiple swaths or to row up grass left on the flat. Each of the rotors has a diameter of 3.2m.

The rotors are suspended centrally; both rotors operate at equal ground pressure across the machine’s in-cab adjustable working width – from 6.8 to 7.8m (as the machine’s name suggests).

Transport width is just 2.84m. The machine weighs 2.1t.

The machine runs off a tractor’s 540rpm PTO. It needs just one single-acting and one double-acting hydraulic outlet.