New Holland has set a new world record by harvesting a massive 439.73t of soybean in eight hours with a CR8.90 combine harvester.

The record-breaking performance, which took place in the Bahia State of Brazil, was certified by independent adjudicator RankBrasil.

“By setting the world record for harvesting over 439t of soybean, the CR8.90 is following in the footsteps of the CR10.90 – world record title holder in wheat since 2014,” said Lars Sorensen, Head of Harvesting Product Management.

The CR8.90 delivered this outstanding performance in an exceptionally high-yielding crop of 4,886kg/ha – far above the average of 3,600kg that is the norm in Brazil.

The record was set on April 5 at the Villa Panambi farm belonging to the Mingori Brothers, in the Bahia State of Brazil, with the support of their dealer Jaragua Bahia, based in nearby Luiz Eduardo Magalhaes city.

New Holland CR soya beans

Moisture was high due to 20mm of rain at 5:00am that morning; temperatures ranged from 25° to 28°. Harvesting started at 10:30am and finished at 18:30pm, having cut approximately 90ha.

New Holland CR soya beans

The CR8.90’s reported average throughput was 54.97t/hour; average moisture content was 17%. The record-setting performance was achieved using just 1.84L of fuel per tonne of soybean harvested.

CR combine range

CR combines are able to achieve such high performances, according to New Holland, thanks to their twin-rotor theshing system and their “powerful and efficient” FPT engines.

The company also claims that performance is boosted by technologies such as IntelliSteer automatic guidance – which enables machines to work around the clock – and Twin Pitch Plus, which can improve capacity in high-moisture conditions.

New Holland CR soya beans

Key ‘record’ statistics:

Total harvesting time: 8 hours
Amount of soybean harvested: 439.73t
Average tonnes per hour: 54.97t/hour
Area harvested: 90ha
Fuel used/tonne soybean: 1.84L
Average crop moisture: 17%
Average yield: 4.88t/ha