97% of UK hauliers ‘not prepared’ for working post-Brexit transition period

A new survey has revealed that nearly 97% of UK hauliers are not ready for the Brexit transition period and have requested clarity on future border legislation.

This impact on hauliers has severe implications for the agriculture industry – Lord Teverson, Chair of the EU Environment Sub-Committee, warns that food and farming business do not know what rules apply:

Without clear information it is impossible for businesses to adjust, which will mean that from January 1, their produce may not be picked up by hauliers, might be turned around at the border, or in the worst case could spoil in vans.

A new study reveals that many UK hauliers remain unprepared for the end of the Brexit transition period, with just 3% stating that they are totally prepared for the transition.

84% of respondents stated that they needed more clarity on border legislation changes from the government.

Safety and security declarations

Specialist haulage solutions platform, Haulage Exchange, asked employees from 32 UK-based haulage companies for their insights on how Brexit has affected – and will affect – their business, how prepared for the end of the transition they feel, and what they need to be sufficiently prepared for the changes.

Confusion around the transition is further revealed as 66% of respondents state that they are not prepared to present the Safety and Security Declarations at customs – as they assumed these documents were the responsibility of the exporter or importer instead of the haulier or courier.

With the EU and UK’s haulage industries deeply connected, clear guidance is by far the biggest thing missing from the Brexit transition process where most hauliers are concerned.

While the majority want clarity on changes to border legislation, almost half (47%) state that they simply need more time to get the necessary admin done.