ABP Linden Foods, a Tyrone-based beef and lamb processor which is part of the ABP Food Group, has today (Monday, January 23) announced a green energy agreement with two Northern Ireland businesses.

Progress Energy and 3T Power will collaborate with the group with the aim of providing a circular-economy solution that generates renewable electricity from biogas for the company’s retail site.

The biogas is generated by Progress Energy, which is situated in Dromore, Co. Down, via anaerobic digestion of organic waste by-products from two other ABP factories in Newry and Lurgan.

The biogas will then be converted into home-grown green electricity for the Northern Ireland-owned 3T power, which will then supply it to ABP Linden’s retail facility.

ABP Linden Foods has said that it satisfies its retail site’s renewable electricity and is part of ABP’s group-wide commitment to lowering its carbon footprint through a sustainability strategy.

Elaine Willis, ABP Linden’s retail director, said: “We have been sourcing renewable electricity since 2017.

“This new collaboration with two innovative, local businesses, both with farming roots, takes this a step forward by utilising organic material that is a by-product of meat processing to create a sustainable, circular economy solution right here in our rural community.

“It also frees up green electricity from the grid for other uses. This initiative addresses our scope 2 emissions from purchased energy.

“But it is particularly exciting because it creates value from waste within the local agri-food supply chain as well as helping to demonstrate a more sustainable product for our customers and the consumer.

“It is part of our engagement with farmer-suppliers and our customers to continue to lower the carbon footprint of Northern Irish beef and lamb produce which is already about half the global average.”