The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is set to host a tour of a pig unit, including a new dry sow house, in Northampton on Monday, October 30.

The tour will be carried out by Ben Golledge, a production manager in South West England, who will also provide a tour of the service house and the farrowing house.

The tour will run from 7:00p.m until 10:00p.m on the site at Crossroads, High Street, Northampton.

Golledge will talk about sow management pre and post-weaning, and will explain the feeding regime in the farrowing house and how the site uses milk cups.

Pork sector council member, Hugh Crabtree, will also provide a breakdown of what has happened in the pork sector in the past year, and what AHDB has done to meet the levy.

AHDB said Crabtree will also answer questions in relation to the proposed levy increase and how it will affect business.

Pig unit tour

AHDB said the event will give attendees a better understanding of how a modern pig unit works and useful tips on the products Golledge uses on his unit.

The board said attendees will also learn about the potential levy increase and have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as catch up with other pig producers in the region.

AHDB said the meeting is suitable for unit managers to attend as well as their staff.

A meal will be served at 7:00p.m to kick-off the event. Those interested in attending are urged to register via the AHDB website as soon as possible.