Argo resumes production as Italy eases Covid-19 lockdown

Argo Tractors – the firm behind the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands – has resumed production this week with stringent safety measures in place as Italy begins to ease Covid-19 restrictions.

Beginning yesterday, Monday, May 4, some departments started back, “to be ready for a recovery that will include the adoption of internal measures and protocols to protect the health and safety of all group employees and partners”, the agricultural machinery giant said in a statement.

Argo stressed that all of its plants have been meeting necessary health requirements since April 10.

This, the group says, involved sanitising facilities with a chlorine-based solution – dowsing the production lines with a tractor and a sprayer, while offices were treated with shoulder sprayers.

The company’s aim is to “ease the return to work”, based on the employees’ safety, with measures taken including a tutorial video to train staff on best hygiene practice, as well as the provision of personal protective equipment – specifically work gloves and a face mask.

Other measures being implemented include: social distancing among staff; taking employees’ temperatures; strict start times for accessing premises; washing hands frequently; and disinfecting the workplace.

Commenting, the president of Argo Tractors, Valerio Morra, said:

“The health of our employees, customers and partners is a primary commitment, as well as part of our corporate mission and will certainly not fail now with production resuming.

Social distancing, measuring temperatures at the entrance, using masks and sanitising workstations are just some of the practices already adopted.

“In a situation like the current one, the sense of responsibility from everyone is fundamental and we ask our employees to follow the rules indicated for their own and other people’s health.”