BASIS launches new online learning platform

Independent pesticide and fertiliser standards-setting body BASIS has launched a new digital learning platform to help members continue their professional development from home.

BASIS chief executive Stephen Jacob explained that the ‘BASIS Classroom’ is a free, members-only platform that contains a selection of voluntary digital training sessions.

Subjects include topical issues involving crop production, turf management and environmental protection.

“Members can log-in to the platform and will be presented with a choice of topics applicable to their qualification. Once selected, members will be taken through to an online exercise that may include presentations, videos or even a quiz,” Jacob said.

The software is designed so that exercises cannot be skipped, which ensures the appropriate amount and quality of training is delivered and CPD points are rewarded accordingly at the end of the session.

“It’s also worth noting that the courses will be available online for a year after first posting, so members can participate at a convenient time,” he said.

The training will be put together by companies that want to share knowledge with members, but no longer have events as a platform to do so.

The first two companies to submit a session were Origin Fertilisers and Certis and these are now live online.

Mandy McAulay, Origin Fertilisers marketing manager, said: “Our training session focuses on reducing ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions through appropriate fertiliser choice. It consists of an animated presentation with a voiceover, followed by a series of questions at the end.

We’re always looking to broaden our advisory outreach, so the BASIS Classroom gives us the ideal platform to reach out to and educate agronomists and farmers.

“This is especially important during a time when we’re unable to run ‘merchant meetings’ that are normally accredited by BASIS.”

Meanwhile, a classroom session provided by Certis focuses on the importance of using an integrated approach to slug control.