Bigger, contractor-spec Torro wagons from Pottinger are ‘fully-loaded’

Pottinger’s Torro COMBILINE series now includes two larger models – the Torro 7010 and 8010.

These are new models. The smaller Torro 7010 has a DIN loading volume of 40m³ (L) or 38.5m³ (D); the larger Torro 8010 has a DIN loading volume of 43m³ (L) or 42m³ (D).

Among the updates is a new beater-drive system at the rear. Of course, this is of little or no relevance here in Ireland; Irish-spec wagons are usually not configured with rear beaters. Instead, they simply lift their tailgates and eject the load – with the help of gravity.

What may be of more interest to prospective Irish buyers – typically contractors for machines of this size – is the optional 4t drawbar. It enables a heavier load to be transported.

Notably, these latest loader wagons employ a new side control concept.

The side-mounted panel, with its new control platform using a CAN-BUS system, enables some control of the knife bank, AUTOCUT (where fitted), scraper floor (conveyor) plus – as a new feature – hitching and unhitching (of the wagon to or from the tractor).

Axles that can ‘think’

The new Torro COMBILINE can also be equipped with an optional ‘driver-assist’ system (intelligent trailed axles). In addition to integrated sensors (keeping an eye on driving speed and direction), it also has a steering angle sensor.

In automatic mode, the axle is locked so that it steers straight when reversing – at a speed that is adjustable between 0 and 25kph (also at 0-3kph in the pit when unloading in automatic mode). It also locks the axle when driving on an incline or slope.

In addition, the driver can preset a threshold to lock the steering axle for a maximum incline.

If this threshold is exceeded, a warning is displayed on the screen.

This, says Pottinger, can prompt the driver to take action – to avoid tipping the whole outfit over.

The ‘driver-assist’ system means that it is no longer possible for the axle to ‘off-track’ while reversing. On the other hand – provided the system works – it’s not possible to forget to lock the axle when hurtling down the road at high speed.

A tighter turning radius is possible too, thanks to more clearance at the front end of the wagon.

The ‘driver-assist’ system is only available together with the Power Control terminal and load sensing.

Dynamic weighing system

A new weighing system allows dynamic weight display (approximate value of the net weight of the load) while driving. Moreover, a maximum load can be preset and displayed. The display turns red and a warning signal sounds if this weight is exceeded.

The system is operated using the Power Control terminal; new 32-bit hardware enables it to be used without ISOBUS.