The Blaney Agri Solutions Group is exhibiting several of its "top products" at this year's Balmoral Show, which ran from May 10 until today, May 13, at stand B3 in the showground.

Products are on display from each of the Co. Antrim-based company's brands: Blaney MotorQuad-X; and Load-X.

It is exhibiting its SwathAir grass conditioner, 800L 12m-boom sprayer, 'Contractor' hedge-cutter, 'Compact' hedge-cutter, 'Power Shredder' mowers and 'Forager X10' bale un-roller.


This year's show sees the Northern Ireland debut of the TL1 10-33 telescopic compact wheeled loader.


In addition to the telescopic loader, the new Blaney L1 10-27 pivot-steer loader is being demonstrated at the event. The Blaney multi-purpose wheeled loader is designed to be "compact for maneuverability and mobility". Its size allows it to get to hard-to-reach areas, while its weight allows it to be transported under the 3.5t threshold.

Blaney Motor Company MD Sean Blaney said: “We are committed to building a legacy of quality engineering and I am looking forward to getting feedback from new customers that our engineering team can use to further develop our range of machines".

The Blaney range is designed, developed and manufactured in Co. Antrim.


The compact wheeled loader is kitted out with a 40hp engine and hydrostatic transmission. It features a 4WD limited-slip differential.

Set up with a "unique, high-capacity" hydraulic system, it has a 1t lifting capacity and a 2.7m reach (or 3.3m for the telescopic model).

Quad-X division

Meanwhile, Blaney's Quad-X division is exhibiting several ATV attachments, such as its novel, quad-friendly dump trailer and its 5ft ATV Power Shredder mower.

Aimed at tackling overgrowth that would traditionally be taken care of using a strimmer, the new mower was designed for use under fences (and electric fences), as well as under solar panels and along lanes.

According to Quad-X, the machine was "designed to fit on any ATV" and "allows the user to keep at a safe distance from any debris and clippings, getting the job done from the seat of their ATV".


The Quad-X ATV dump trailer, which was first launched at the 2016 show, is being demonstrated again this year. There is also a range of other ATV attachments such as sprayers, booms and fertiliser sowers to hand.


Load-X attachments

Blaney's Load-X division has loader attachments on display, which aim to "take the hassle out of power washing, digging holes and scraping".

One of the newest attachments on show is the Load-X ‘Power Wash 1000’ power washer which, according to the company, enables users to "get the job done without ever leaving your seat".

The company highlights benefits such as avoiding the need for electrical (power) cables and having an in-built water reserve which is "designed to allow for safe travel, even at higher travel speeds by minimising water surges".

Also on display is the Load-X auger range, which was developed to dig holes for planting trees or sinking fence posts. According to the company, the augers were "designed to incorporate teeth to deal with drier ground conditions and assist in getting through difficult areas of compaction".