Great Britain (GB) deadweight and liveweight lamb and hogget prices fell for the week ending May 26, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) reported. Looking at the average liveweight prices, for the week ending May 26, the GB old season lamb (OSL) standard quality quotation (SSQ) averaged 262p/kg - which was a drop off of 8.7p. Similarly, new season lamb (NSL) witnessed a fall, but not quite as big as OSL. The NSL SQQ averaged 323.4p/kg - which was back 2.1p on the week before, the AHDB noted.

Despite the drop off in prices, throughput at marts in Great Britain saw an increase on the week before.

The estimated throughput of both lambs and hoggets amounted to 88,900, up 12% on the week before, although in comparison to the same period as last year, throughput is back 10%, the AHDB said. Of that total, 62% of all throughput was made up of NSL.

Deadweight trade in Great Britain

Looking at the deadweight trade in GB, a similar trend can be seen to the liveweight prices for the week ending May 22. The GB OSL SQQ averaged 640p/kg - which was a decrease of 23p on the previous week. Furthermore, NSL saw the biggest drop-off in prices, with the average SQQ for NSL coming to 669.4p/kg - which was a sharp fall of 54.8p/kg on the week previous.