The brothers behind Paddock Farm in Fulready, Warwickshire have described a fire that destroyed around 100t of straw and some of their machinery on Monday (May 30) as a "frightening mess".

The fire broke out sometime during the night and woke the pair, Nick and Jon Francis, at 1:00a.m.

"Our yard full of straw and forage burned down," they said.

"Our tractor, pick up and stock trailers were completely burned out and our new barn has been badly damaged. What a frightening mess."

It was added that "fortunately, no people or animals were hurt".

Some of the damage caused by the fire can be seen in the photos below.

The post then thanked Warwickshire Fire Service and Chris Rutter who it said worked "tirelessly to control the blaze".

Multiple fire crews were mobilised to the fire at 1:00a.m.

In a post on Facebook, one of the mobilised teams, Kenilworth Fire Station, said:

"With other barns and buildings nearby and the stack of hay on fire collapsing, crews worked hard to locate and set in to water sources to prevent the fire from spreading."

Fulready farm fire
Photo: Kenilworth Fire Station

"We returned from the incident, cleaned everything ready to go again by 10:00a.m," the station added.

People expressed their sorrow for the unfortunate event on social media.

One Facebook user said they were "gutted" to hear the news; another called this is "a farmer's worst nightmare".

"Thank God you you are all safe," said another.