Burgers stole the crown at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with around 50% more sold during the celebrations than in an average week.

In the seven days ending June 5, an extra 853,000kg of burgers were bought across the UK, making it the fastest growing cut of the red meat category.

Sausage rolls were also a firm favourite, with volumes up 30%, followed by a 28% rise in pork pie purchases and a nine per cent increase in sausages sold.

The dairy sector was also delivered a boost, with an additional 724,000L of fresh cream sold, a rise of 33% compared to an average week in 2022. Cheese also saw a lift, with an extra 228,000 kg bought – up 2%.

According to the latest data from Kantar, grocery sales were up 5% in the week ending June 5, compared to an average week – with spend increasing by £109 million.

Figures show that 50% of grocery categories sold more than their 2022 average.

AHDB senior retail insight manager Kim Heath said:

“The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee brought a fantastic boost for the red meat and dairy sectors with burgers being a clear favourite for the royal celebrations.

“This latest data shows the importance of key events for food consumption habits. Brits love a party, so even adhoc events such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, provides an excellent opportunity to boost sales of both red meat and dairy.”