The CAFRE Agricultural Business Operations (Level II) course is currently open for enrolments and will close at 4:00pm on Friday, August 24.

The classes will begin in early October and run weekly for 20 weeks. All of the classes will be based in one of the three CAFRE Campuses – Greenmount, Loughry and Enniskillen. Classes will be sector based – Dairying, Beef, Sheep and Crops.

A range of evenings – Monday to Wednesday – will be available; however, choices will become more limited as classes fill up.

Therefore, it is important that you book early to ensure you get the training event which best suits your needs. The cost of the course is £150.00.

Course manager Kenneth Johnston, said: “This course provides farmers with information on basic business models, cash flow and financing, after which they can generate a gross margin, know their costs, income and net profit.

“It allows many of them to go home from the course and tease out those aspects of their own farm business.

“Modules in production, animal/plant health, health and safety and IT are also included,” he added.

The CAFRE Agricultural Business Operations (Level II Certificate) qualification meets the agricultural training eligibility requirements for the Young Farmers’ Payment/Regional Reserve Scheme.

Enrolments received after 4:00pm on August 24 may not be eligible for entry to the 2018/19 course.

For those interested, a place on a course can be booked by visiting the CAFRE website here.

Those requiring assistance to book a place can call CAFRE Industry Training Administration on: 028-94426880.