Check your tractor’s fuel level and faults…on your phone

A new Valtra ‘service’ enables tractor owners to remotely access all manner of information from their machines, including fuel levels, GPS location and CAN-bus signals.

The data can be viewed on a smartphone or PC. The tractor owner can also share access to this machine data with his or her dealer who can, in turn, use the information to diagnose faults.

It’s called ‘Connect, Care & Go’. Valtra says that it allows owners “to access a range of services related to their machine at a fixed cost”.

After what has been described as an “extended pilot phase”, the service is now commercially available for N and T Series tractors. It will apparently be rolled out for A and S Series machines later this year (2019).

“From the beginning of 2018, all N and T Series SmartTouch tractors have been pre-equipped with ‘Valtra Connect’ telemetry,” explained Mikko Lehikoinen, vice-president of Valtra’s marketing division.

Customers who wish to activate the service can easily do so by contacting their dealer.

‘Valtra Connect’ is included in the retail price of new tractors and the service is free-of-charge for the first three years. ‘Valtra Connect’ can also be retro-fitted to some models.

Engine updates

In other Valtra news, the manufacturer announced that it is updating its N, T and S Series tractors (above 130kW) to Stage 5 emission standards this year.

At the same time, several new features will be introduced – designed to improve operator comfort and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Starting this month (January), T and S Series tractors will be produced as Stage 5 compliant versions. Production of Stage 5 compliant N Series tractors will begin in spring for N174 models and in the autumn for N134 and N154 models.

The new models are powered by LFTN-D5 AGCO Power engines (with SCR technology). Thanks to hydraulic lash adjustment, the new engines apparently run more smoothly than before.